ACHIEVEMENT HUNTING - Role-play for Gamers

Hello, and welcome to Achievement Hunting! This is a role-play soley for your beloved gamers, youtubers and even AUs.

Yes, we're accepting any gamer of any type! we hope you'll stay for awhile, too <3


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Sorry about the delay in this. 

Updated the master list to get rid of all inactive characters and updated whether active or in hiatus. I’m a terrible moderator, Jesus. I shouldn’t have taken this long. Whoops.

So when Josh is ready, we will do some advertising and stuff. Definitely want more people in this. I’m sure he does, too. So yeah. I won’t do that without his permission, though.



Guys, if you’ve changed your URL and have not messaged me, please do so before tomorrow! There are people I can’t find in our rp who may have a changed url… If that’s the matter, I’ll be removing them if they do not message me their new url.


Last month I had some serious family emergencies. I had to fly out to the US, which meant I had no access to the internet or cell phone. It was very sudden, and I apologize for leaving so suddenly.

I’m back in Canada now and I have access to a computer, internet and a phone again. I’m really sorry, again!


*whispers in the distance*

midterms are over tomorrow so that meANS Half a semester until exams which means i’ll have half a semester to roleplay and liven up the roleplay again reALLY sorry guys


Ray being adorable in this weeks Things to Do.

(via drunk-as-dicks)

(via drunk-as-dicks)

New Mod!

Hey, guys! Tauna here! Just a mod to help out Josh. So any questions, I’ll be here, too! I play Mr. Ramsey, if you didn’t already know!

Don’t judge me for this, but I’ll add my name to the list of Admins and Mods when I get the chance. Thanks, friends!

hi there fellow rper (or admin whatever you may call it!) I'm just sending an ask in because I'm quite torn whether to do an OC or be a part of the actual crew. Of course I was leaning more towards the OC so I wouldn't be criticized if my rping of one person wasn't up to par, but I'm afraid that if I do an OC that I won't be liked as much as the rest of the group. Any advice?

Hello! Joshua here as the Admin replying to you. In experience that I’ve seen, some people do tend to avoid OCs for the fact that they have to build a completely new relationship from the ground up. Or at least, I’m assuming that as majority of our roleplay tends to talk amongst other roosterteeth crew over the OCs.

If you’re a dedicated enough OC however, I believe you can make it work. We have a few OCs that have managed to break down any awkward walls between them and the crew and have actually become a favored character to many of us here at the Achievement Hunting roleplay. What I’m trying to say is that people DO tend to drop out due to lack of activity from the roleplay and I feel terrible about it vut I can’t FORCE our roleplays to reply to your OC if you happen to make one. However, you could make an OC AND a roosterteeth employee and test the waters with both; see which you’d like better. 8’)

Characters up for Role-Play:

  • gus sorola
  • kerry shawcross
  • griffon ramsey

Removed due to inactivity or dropped characters. These three are now free to be roleplayed.

hi so my laptop fan just decided to guve up on the world and not work so i’ll be out of a laptop for a week.

i apologize.